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Mental illness is common and affects everyone in some way; whether it is yourself, someone you love or a friend.

It is commonly known that about one in five (20%) of the population experience mental illness. The most common illnesses are depression, anxiety and substance use disorder. Further, they often co-occur and have links to experiences of trauma, such as domestic and family violence. At Activated Concepts we understand you are not a diagnosis or substance; you are a person that is striving to be the best you can for yourself and others.

‘Your present circumstances do not determine where you can go, they merely determine where you start’ – Nido Qubein

Services we offer:

As an approved Victims of Crime and NDIS provider, let’s chat about how we can assist you to meet your goals!

Victims of Crime Counselling Services

Victim Services Counselling is a specialist area of therapeutic intervention that is funded by the NSW Dept of Justice (no gap fees!).

Activated Concepts is an Approved Counselling Service by the NSW Dept of Justice. This certifies our expertise in trauma-informed focus psychological strategies and guarantees that your Clinician has extensive experience. We also complete ‘Certificates of Injury’ for recognition payment claims.

If you (or someone you love) has been harmed or experienced act/s of violence, contact us today. We will support you to understand your rights, counselling, recognition payment claims options and help you with the application to Victim Services, as needed.

Private Therapeutic Supports

Private therapy is a limited offering at Activated Concepts. This is because we prioritise our clinical focus areas in Victim Services and NDIS therapeutic supports. We do not agree with gap fees which are likely to impact already vulnerable individuals. However, we will partner where there is capacity in our clinical teams and as per individual wishes.  

If you have a Mental Health Treatment Plan from your GP, you will be entitled to  Medicare  rebates for up to 20 individual focus psychological strategies sessions per calendar year until 30 June 2022. This gives you access — subsidised by Medicare — to our mental health professionals. 

You can’t get Medicare rebates for all the sessions in one go. After your first 6 appointments, you need to see your doctor again for a mental health plan review. They can then decide if you need a referral for further sessions. 

Psychosocial and Functional Assessments

A psychosocial and functional assessment is an evaluation of an individual’s mental health and social well-being in context. It assesses self-perception, evidence provided and the individual’s ability to function in the community.

The psychosocial and functional assessment goal is to understand the individual to provide the best support possible and help the individual obtain optimal health and services.

At Activated Concepts, we use our expert clinical and systems knowledge to formula these assessments to provide evidence and recommendations for NDIS applications/reviews, court support and the like.

Alcohol and Other Drug Recovery Plans

Specialist recovery plans are vital to maintenance and ongoing recovery. While the treatment facility team may help to establish specific goals for an individual after treatment, a person who is leaving rehab may feel adrift, unsure of how to get back into daily life. Having a plan for recovery can help overcome this uncertainty and give the individual daily activities and goals that, together, can support and reinforce the major goals of treatment: long-term recovery from substance abuse and relapse prevention. We aim to support participants with their recovery, and we would love to hear how we might be able to partner with you on yours!
and so much more, contact us for more information

Our Services

At Activated Concepts, our practitioners deliver a trauma informed and person-centred approach to ensure the person, family or organisation we are supporting get the best outcomes possible. We pride ourselves on consistently drawing on contemporary research and practices to inform our disability services, mental health services, family support services, clinical training, and consulting services.
We understand the power of choice. It is your life and your choice. We provide specialist clinical and support services, so you can live life the way you want to.

Mental health is common and affects everyone in some way; we strive to see and hear you in your context to support your mental wellbeing.

All families need some assistance at times; our focus is on assisting families stay together, connected, and strong to keep children safe.
Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress; we endeavour to share our knowledge.
We never want to operate in a fixed model; adaptation to support our community is our goal. Let us know how we can help you!
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