Support Services

Daily Living and Community Engagement Supports

Daily living and community engagement funding is vital to the NDIS to support people with a disability to live the life of their choosing.

Daily living supports the development of life skills that include public transport travel, banking, money and purchasing, cooking, personal hygiene, grooming, promoting personal health and well-being, decision making, and choice. This can be provided within community settings or at the person’s home.

Likewise, community access supports the access and use of general community facilities, services, and activities to achieve and maintain real inclusion in a participant’s local and wider community. Usually, community-based activities and the supports take up a good part of each day or as per the participant’s choice and need.

We aim to support participants with their goals, and we would love to hear how we might be able to partner with you on yours!

Activated Concepts Commitment

At our core, we prioritise delivering highly personalised support services tailored to meet the evolving needs of participants. Our dedicated support team is trained in trauma-informed care and adopts a strength-based approach in their interactions.

What sets Activated Concepts Support Services apart?

Participant Experiences

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