Clinical Services

Specialist Positive Behaviour Support and Training

Specialist Positive Behaviour Support (SPBS) focuses on evidence-based strategies and person-centered supports that address the needs of the person with a disability and the underlying causes of behaviours of concern, while safeguarding the dignity and quality of life of people with disabilities who require support.

At Activated Concepts, we assess the interaction between our participants, the environment, and other people involved with our participants in their context (not in our offices). Our functional assessments, interventions, plans, data collection, and training are always tailored to support behavioural change while empowering our participants and their networks to live their best lives without restrictions, wherever possible.

We partner with our participants to support ongoing change, not just develop a standardized plan and disappear. Our focus is on clinical interventions, purposeful relationships, ongoing analysis, and consistently seeking improvements to our specialist behaviour support as participants grow, change, and achieve more in their lives!

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and Assessments

A Psychosocial Recovery Coach is a specialist mental health worker that some NDIS participants with mental health conditions (or psychosocial disabilities, as they are called in the NDIS) might have access to in their plans.

This is a newer support from the NDIS, and one that has been welcomed with open arms by Activated Concepts. The role of a Recovery Coach is to assist people with disabilities arising from mental health conditions to live a full and contributing life. This assistance is holistic and covers all areas of life.

At Activated Concepts, our Recovery Coaches are leaders in trauma-informed and person-centered practice. Their passion to walk beside participants, professional experience, and advocacy skills are what set our Recovery Coaches apart.

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